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Why Choose iProspect

There are many things that set iProspect apart from other performance marketing agencies, but here are three you need to know:


From thought-leadership to tech-leadership, we have a built a consultancy that is at the cutting edge of ever-evolving consumer behaviour and technological development. Our Consumer Connection Study, social listening and manual research run across 40 countries, surveying 10,000 people in the UK alone, enabling us to know what makes your customers tick and how to reach them. We have invested heavily in technical talent to allow us to build and specific applications that respond to a dynamic world.


We have nurtured close relationships with many of the industry's leading suppliers and professional bodies - from Yahoo to the IPA. We are a top-three client of Google and are the only Google Analytics Premium reseller in the UK. Such partnerships are key to securing early beta tests, dealing with potential trademark issues and being kept abreast of search engine developments and opportunities - all of which means we give you competitive advantage.

Specialisation: Sector, Technology and Data

Different markets require specialist knowledge and skills. Our team is made up of sector specialists, established and immersed in verticals from fashion and travel to utilities, finance and FMCG. Such experience means valuable insight into customer behaviour, sector trends and competition as well as the know-how to maximise on the opportunities this insight brings.

Owning our own trading platform means we can allocate campaign spend in the most granular way, reaching consumers at the right time, and wherever they are. Not only is this the most efficient use of your campaign budget, but it means a much greater level of security over data. Your valuable campaign insights stay with your company.