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Cool. Fun. And daunting

Social media marketing is here to stay. And marketers everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to best capitalize on the opportunity…before their competitors beat them to it. But doing so can be a daunting challenge.

iProspect enables our clients to not just “do” social, but to “be” social. And believe us, there is a significant difference.

The ubiquity of social media networks and tools has greatly impacted the relationship between brands and consumers. The marketing team is no longer the sole owner of the brand message, a role now shared with end consumers.

With the emergence and adoption of review sites, blogs, status updates, video creation, microblogging and more, consumers have a myriad of ways to share their immediate thoughts about a brand or brand experience. An individual experience with a brand can have a wide-reaching impact on potential consumers.

The brands that will ultimately be the most successful with their social media marketing endeavors will be those who understand that social media is not a standalone strategy. Nor is it an afterthought. It must be an essential element in brand communication. Core elements of social media marketing, such as awareness and advocacy, must be integrated into the foundation of the marketing strategy. Infusing existing marketing efforts with social media consideration will increase the overall digital visibility of your brand.

Bottom line: Marketers have the access, the intimacy and the permission to engage with consumers in thrilling new ways, and they therefore have the ability to turn consumer intent into customer action like never before. Enter iProspect. We take a holistic approach to social media marketing. We guide our clients to produce dramatic and measurable results through integrated social media marketing efforts that maximize brand exposure and create lasting relationships with their customers.

iProspect’s social media marketing solutions are customizable based on the individual needs of our clients, but structured to achieve results no matter where our clients are in the evolution of their social media marketing efforts. Our social media services include social media competitive audits, social media monitoring and analysis, social media advertising, the development of social media strategies, and the optimization of content within the social landscape to increase brand visibility and strengthen our clients’ social connections through engagement.