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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a specialised process that involves analysing your website’s underlying code, architecture, and visible content. These elements are adjusted and optimised to ensure that the site can rank as highly as possible, increasing its prominence in natural search results of search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines are generally spider-based, which means that the search engine ‘crawls’ a site in order to understand its content and relevance against a particular keyword or phrase.

In addition to understanding how well optimised your website is, search engines look to evaluate your ‘offsite’ elements – essentially any links from another domain which links to you. Links from another site to yours act to corroborate, validate and essentially provide a ‘vote of confidence’ to your site and the specific pages within.

Major search engine algorithms are constantly changing, however, and staying ahead of the curve is essential. Link building is something that is manipulated by many black-hat SEOs, something which the likes of Google is targeting with penalties and rank drops. To avoid such penalties, any links to your site must come from reputable sources and provide value to the user – via strong, shareable content for example.

One of the greatest challenges of natural search is maintaining all elements of your website to produce the best possible user experience, as well as the highest search ranking.

We use a proprietary tool to identify key variables influencing the algorithms of each search engine and page ranking systems, and undertake customised audits, identifying everything from broken links to page load time issues.

We also identify other factors that limit ranking ability such as content themes and keyword density for individual pages. The aim is to gain a complete picture of your website as it relates to both search engines and end-users.

Because your website, services, and goals will never be the same as other firms, even within the same vertical, we build an SEO plan for your needs and integrate with your processes.

Our search heritage, sector-specific experience and cutting edge technology mean we are best placed to position your site.