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adidas, one of the world’s most recognisable brands has been working with iProspect since 2008. Following great success through paid search iProspect was tasked to deliver an integrated channel solution to reach strict ROI targets.


To drive measurable business results by developing a customised digital marketing program that tests multiple channels to determine the most effective media mix to exceed KPIs.


Exceeded cost of sale target by 33%
  • ROI yearly average of 772%
  • Strongest performance year-to-date
  • YOY growth on all conversion rates
  • YOY revenue increase following optimised multi-channel strategy


  • A fully integrated channel strategy was developed to ensure driver and harvester media channels were used at the most appropriate stage of the purchase cycle.
  • Maximised cost effective PPC by pushing brand campaigns and top performing terms to provide the core activity, alongside further generic and tactical campaigns to increase visibility. Continual copy testing encouraged click through rates and daily optimisation and time targeting reduced wastage. Search remessaging was applied to re-engage users that had not converted to encourage sale.
  • Built an effective affiliate programme across multiple markets to drive cost efficient sales based on an agreed publisher commission structure to deliver guaranteed ROI. Constant recruitment of new affiliates, incentives and voucher codes drove performance solidifying Affiliates as a key performance channel.
  • Utilised adidas feeds – A uniquely optimised feed per publisher ensured high visibility and relevancy and tactical placements such as an adidas branded page on Ciao and exposure on MSN homepage drove incremental sales and brand exposure.
  • Dynamic creative display to re-engage users allowed us to not only re-message users that had clicked through to the adidas store and not converted, but also enabled us to pull through the specific product they viewed within the banner. This greatly improved conversion rates and allowed adidas to continue targeted and relevant customer communication.
  • SEO to work alongside PPC and PR strategy – The adidas shop site was aligned with SEO best practice to encourage natural rankings.  A targeted link building campaign was implemented to improve natural search visibility and capitalise on the multiplier effect of having both high SEO and PPC rankings. Liaising with PR allowed for blogger outreach and engagement to drive integration with SEO.
  • A rigorous approach to reporting not only provided detailed analysis by channel but also pulled this together to optimise and plan based on performance to cost of sale and ROI targets.