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iProspect were engaged in a long-term PPC campaign for a large UK insurer. Although PPC drove positive ROAS overall, poor conversion rates and high CPCs on generic terms led to a change in strategy.


To overcome bottleneck of poor conversion rates, average quality scores and high CPCs on generic search terms through website optimisation to help meet the growing revenue targets.


136% increase in conversion rate and a 9% decrease in CPC
  • Targeting landing pages towards the user’s location led to further 7.7% increase in conversion rate
  • Multivariate testing led to 17.7% increase in conversion


iProspect developed a strategy for improving conversion rates across the PPC campaigns focusing on generic keywords (as branded search conversion rates were generally above site average).

The strategy involved four phases:

  1. The development of new, bespoke landing pages that were conversion focused;
  2. Dynamically targeting the new landing pages to improve conversion based on visitor’s search query;
  3. Dynamically targeting the new landing based on the weather in the user’s location (iProspect had previously noted massive increases in conversion rates on a “snow day” which prompted this idea);
  4. Implement multivariate testing to further drive conversions.
  • Landing Page Development -iProspect’s in house development team created bespoke landing pages targeting high volume/CPC keywords. These pages were built in accordance with the client’s brand guidelines, but significantly improved the positioning and style of several key components: Call to actions, copy & imagery.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages – To further improve landing page relevance, iProspect used proprietary technology to dynamically detect the visitor’s previous search query & IP address. This technology connected to a weather API that allowed the pages to understand the weather in the visitor’s location. The landing pages were managed using a proprietary content management system that contained copy relevant to different scenarios (e.g. a visitor based on Manchester that typed “cheap breakdown cover”).
  • Multivariate testing – To increase conversion rates further, iProspect implemented a multivariate testing plan on the main landing page which tested 648 different page variations of content over a 2-month period. These variations were based on various hypotheses around the visitor preferences in terms of colour scheme, copy style (e.g. sales focused / emotive) and page structure.