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iProspect Cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent by a website to your web browser and stored on your computer. Anytime you visit a website for the first time, a cookie is downloaded onto and stored on your computer. On your next visit, the website can check if you have a cookie already and if so, can use the information stored in the cookie. Such uses include analytics to help develop and improve design & content, displaying relevant advertising, or storing authentication information to see if you are logged in or not. Contrary to popular belief, cookies cannot give your computer viruses and cannot install malware on your computer.

How does use cookies?
We currently only deploy 2 types of cookies –

  1. iProspect Cookie required – This cookie is required for you to jump around our website without problems. No personal information is recorded.
  2. Google Analytics – an analytics service provided by Google that provides us with useful statistics about users coming to our website. The Google Analytics cookies allow us to see information such as where a user came from, what pages they visited and the duration of their visit. No personal information is recorded.

How do I opt out of cookies?

Turning off cookies altogether can affect your browsing experience not just on, but across other major sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter and is not recommended. You should be aware that by turning them off, you lose settings information from websites and automatic authentication information – eg: you will need to manually login each time you visit Facebook.

Most modern browsers should allow you to see what cookies are stored on your computer and –

  • Block third party cookies
  • Block all cookies from specific websites
  • Block all cookies from being downloaded
  • Delete all cookies once you close your browser

The URL’s below will take you to the relevant sections in all major browsers if you still wish to proceed –

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer



Safari iPhone and ipad



Windows Phone

To opt out of Google Analytics: